The Process

Cabinet Custom Color Refinishing

Custom Color Refinishing can give you the trendy white or colored kitchen cabinets you’ve always wanted!

Refinishing Process

First all doors & drawer fronts are removed and taken back to the custom spray facility where they are lightly sanded and cleaned before being sprayed with a primer coat followed by 2 coats of hard-wearing lacquer finished in your choice of color.

This process normally takes 1-2 weeks to complete.

The remaining cabinetry that is fixed in place will then be painted onsite by hand.

This part of the job usually takes between 1-2 working days.

The doors and drawer fronts can then be reinstalled.

This takes about 1 day

No down time in your kitchen, no need to remove any items from inside cabinets as only the front trim & all outside gables are painted. (Items only need to be removed if you require shelves to be spray painted, i.e. behind glass cabinets.)

The whole process takes around 2 weeks with only a few days of onsite presence, no harmful fumes, no mess or dust, just a beautiful newly remodeled kitchen.

NOTE: If you would like to replace your existing handles then the old holes will be filled before the priming stage & new holes will be drilled to accommodate the new hardware during install.


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